Update on 2020-12-15

In this update, delika has made the equivalent functionality of the paid plan available to all users. After this update, users will be able to choose between "Free" plan with limited features and the current "Pro" plan. Users who wish to use delika for free will be able to move to "Free" plan.

Required actions

After this update, you are able to continue the current "Pro" plan for free during the trial period until the end of March 2021. If you do not wish to continue the "Pro" plan for a fee, you will be automatically moved to the "Free" plan at the end of the trial period unless you register your credit card. If you wish move to the "Free" plan after registering your credit card, you need to change to the "Free" plan by yourself.

If you wish to continue using the "Pro" plan, you need to register your credit card on your profile page. During the trial period, you will never be charged for you credit card.

Team plan

All teams are currently able to access to the equivalent functionality of the paid plan. After this update, teams will automatically move to the "Free" plan, which will remove all permissions set to datasets owned by team accounts.

We are also offering the free trial period of the team "Pro" plan until the end of March 2021. If you plan team collaboration on delika, please register for the team "Pro" plan.

Details of plans

See Pricing for details.