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Established as of January 1 of 2020

Connecto Data Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") sets forth the following policy concerning the handling of personal information in the "delika" data sharing services (hereinafter referred to as the " Services") that the Company provides. The definitions of terms used in the main text of this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") shall be in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Information Protection Law") and other relevant laws and regulations.

The Company will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law, related laws and regulations, and guidelines established by the Personal Information Protection Commission, and the Privacy Policy, and will handle Personal Information in a legal and appropriate manner.

2 Acquiring Personal Information

The Company will acquire the customer’s Personal Information through legitimate and appropriate means.

3 Purposes of Utilization of Personal Information

The Company will use the customer’s Personal Information within the following scope of purposes of utilization (hereinafter the “Purposes of Utilization”) or within the scope of the Purposes of Utilization that is clear from the circumstances of the acquisition thereof, and will not use it for any other purpose except with the consent of customer or as otherwise permitted by laws or regulations.

  1. To accept registrations related to the Services, identify the customer, calculate usage fees, and provide, maintain, protect and improve the Services;
  2. To provide support and aftercare-support for the Services;
  3. To provide information relating to the Services and information about new services related to the Services;
  4. To respond to inquiries and consultations from customers;
  5. For the billing, refunding, payment, and other related administrative processes;
  6. To improve the quality of customer responses quality and prevent troubles;
  7. To notify of changes to the terms of service or other rules and regulations concerning the Services;
  8. To improve data-provision services and other Company operations; and
  9. For any other Purposes of Utilization incidental to each of the above Purposes of Utilization.

4 Entrust of Handling Personal Data

In order to facilitate smooth business operations and provide better services to the customers, the Company may entrust an individual or business operator with the handling of personal data of the customers. However, the personal data to be entrusted shall be limited to the minimum information necessary for the execution of the entrusted work.

5 Collection of Browsing History

The Services are offered through the Company’s website. The Company uses technologies such as access logs, cookies, and web beacons to collect browsing histories for the convenience of the customers. Although information about customers' IP addresses, usage environments and the like are collected by these technology, such collected information does not include Personal Information. The customers may refuse to accept cookies with browser settings or may display a warning when accepting cookies. Even if the customers refuse to accept cookies, the customers will be able to use the Company’s website; however a portion of the Services may not be available for use. For more information on how to set up the browsers, please contact the manufacturer or provider of each browser.

6 Providing Personal Data to Third Parties

The Company will not provide the personal data of customers to third parties (except trustees) unless prior consent has been obtained from the customer or it is permitted by laws and regulations.

7 Management of Personal Data

  1. Ensuring the Accuracy of Data The Company will strive to keep the personal data of the customers accurate and up-to-date to the extent necessary for achieving the Purposes of Utilization and to erase such personal data when its use is no longer necessary.
  2. Security Control Measures The Company will take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of the customers’ personal data and ensure its security.
  3. Supervision of Employees When allowing employees to handle the personal data of customers, the Company will ensure that employees are thoroughly informed of the proper handling of Personal Information data, provide employees with appropriate training, and supervise employees’ handling of personal data as required and appropriate.
  4. Supervision of Trustees When the Company entrusts the handling of personal data of customers, it shall select a trustee that takes appropriate safety control measures and supervise the trustee as required and appropriate.

8 Receipt regarding Retained Personal Data

  1. Upon receipt of a request from a customer or its agent of notification of the Purpose of Utilization of Retained Personal Data, the Company will notify the customer without delay except in the following cases:
    1. When the Purposes of Utilization of the Retained Personal Data by which the customer is identified is clear;
    2. When there is a risk of harm to the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of the customer or third parties;
    3. When there is a risk of harming the Company’s rights or legitimate interests; or
    4. When it is necessary to cooperate with a national body or a local public entity in executing the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and the execution of such affairs is likely to be hindered by notification of the Purposes of Utilization of Retained Personal Data.
  2. Upon the request from a customer or its agent to disclose retained personal data, the Company will disclose the customer without delay except in the following cases:
    1. When there is a risk of harm to the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of the customer or third parties;
    2. When there is a risk of significant hindrance to the proper execution of the Company’s business; or
    3. When there is a violation of any laws or regulations.
  3. In the event of a request by the customer or its agent for the correction, addition, or deletion of such retained personal data, the Company will investigate such request without delay and take appropriate action based on the results thereof.
  4. In the event the customer or its agent requests the discontinuance of its utilization of such retained personal data or its erasion, if the request is found to be reasonable, the Company will respond appropriately.
  5. In the event of a request as set forth in the four preceding clauses, after filling in the invoice form prescribed by the Company, please send it together with the invoice to the Company’s point of contact set forth in paragraph 9 below. The Personal Information provided by the customer will be used for the purpose of responding to the customer's request and will be securely stored. Please note that no invoice or attached documents will be returned.

9 Confirmation Items for Data Provided by the Customer

The "Personal Information" in this Privacy Policy refers to the Personal Information of customers using the Services and does not refer to the Personal Information contained in the data (hereinafter referred to as "Customer Data") provided by customers on the Service’s platforms when the Service is used. The Company shall have no responsibility for whether the content of the Customer Data or its provision comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations.

10 Language

This Privacy Policy has been executed and delivered in a text using the Japanese language, which text, despite any translations into the English language, shall be controlling.

11 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of this Privacy Policy and disputes arising from this Privacy Policy shall be governed by the laws of Japan, and the Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance.

12 Contact point for processing inquiries and complaints (information administrator)

Connecto Data Inc.

  • Address: PW Bldg. 6F, Kanda-Sakumacho 3-21-2, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan, 101-0025
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13 Revision of Privacy Policy

Our Company may review the content of this Privacy Policy from time to time and make changes as needed. In that case, the revised privacy policy will apply from the date of publication of the revised edition.